Maintenance of Servers and Data Storage

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Maintenance services ensure the secure operation and management of servers and data storage, and are certified according to standards that comply with the highest requirements of IT service-management. Installed processes and tools ensure a high quality of service and that customer expectations are met.


Cost reductions

Convenience for users

Operational continuity and professionalism

Your company will not have to maintain expensive qualified personnel to perform routine IT-maintenance tasks. Your internal IT staff can focus on the added value that they provide as specialists in a specific area.

  • Service desk: solution of the problem already during first call
  • Communication in Lithuanian, English, Danish and Russian, with services provided to apply ITIL-based processes and tools.
  • A designated manager for IT services, who is available to consult about IT issues related to services provided and make recommendations.
  • Service-provision time: from standard times to 24/7, when the standard working time of the specialist assigned has ended


  • A team of specialists with the necessary skills, experience and areas of specialisation, fully ensuring their replacement and interchangeability if it is needed
  • Quality-of-service assurances, with obligations relating to productivity and the provision of services to fixed deadlines
  • Alternate resources in the event of critical accidents, including replacement equipment and specialists with specific qualifications from across the Alna Group.
  • The risk is avoided that the company‚Äôs IT professionals will create systems that the work of all others ends up depending on, leading to a serious threat to the business after they leave


Systems maintained:

  • Operating systems
  • Mail-server software
  • Data-server software
  • Backup software
  • Antivirus software
  • Platforms for workplace upgrades and management
  • Remote-working software
  • Licence management
  • File-sharing applications
  • Virtualisation platforms
  • WEB servers
  • Other


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