Consultations/IT strategy


Depending on your company’s specific features, our experts will help you to create a corporate IT development strategy that includes all of your business aspects:condition of IT infrastructure, current and future IT operational needs, planned investments in IT infrastructure development, cost optimization, risk reduction of information systems, adequate maintenance of existing IT processes.

IT strategy

Create IT strategy to increase your business value by invoking the latest technologies - Increase IT efficiency, and stimulate the growth of the organization. More...

IT audit

IT audit will allow you to identify the weak areas of IT infrastructure and help to decide the future of its development.

CIO service

Stiprios IT strategijos kūrimas ir įgyvendinimas gali būti labai sunkus ir pilnas iššūkių, todėl supaprastinkite ir efektyvinkite šį procesą, minimizuodami rizikas ir pasitelkdami CIO paslaugas. Development and implementation of a strong IT strategy can be a very difficult and full of challenges, so simplify and make the process more effective by minimizing the risks through CIO services. More...

Technology consultancy

We offer to discover and explore your IT value creation through technology consultancy services. With our 26 years of experience in software development, implementation, quality assurance and continious improvements, our advisory service is build on deep technology domain expertise and business understanding. More...

Custom migration and integration projects

The migration and integration of custom IT systems are processes during which systems and data are transferred and integrated into various standard and non-standard systems, formats and platforms. More...

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