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Archiving comprises automatic data transfers performed under certain rules with the aim of optimising data storage and ensuring compliance with requirements for this storage. In the process of archiving, information is transferred from primary to secondary storage while seeking to ensure quick and convenient access to data if needed. This allows application performance to be optimised by extracting information that is not being used every day, but could occasionally be required.



  • Improved efficiency for IT activities. A properly planned and implemented archiving strategy reduces the load on principal disc storage, significantly reduces data backup and recovery times, and accelerates the capacity and speed of applications and databases. But most importantly, archiving can reduce the cost of expensive technical equipment because information that is rarely used is stored on cheaper disc space with lower capacity.
  • Compliance with legal requirements. Archiving can be performed in compliance with requirements for data storage specified by legislation. There are various rules for storing different information. For example, information on financial accounting might need to be stored for up to 10 years. Organisations may be obliged to store other information as well, such as invoices for services provided, legal documents and personal information.
  • Assurance of information originality. Information is often required to be original – that is, unmodified during its storage time. For example, invoices issued for certain services may need to be stored for a long time in case misunderstandings arise in the future or they need to be accessed quickly and unmodified for other reasons. Archiving solutions ensure that information placed in an archive remains unmodified and protected from unauthorised modification or copying.


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