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SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) unites processes for planning and preparing consolidated reports. The solution is widely used for company activities including planning, budgeting, forecasting and controlling the preparation of financial statements. The system enhances the accuracy of planning at each level of the organisation, reduces the budget-preparation cycle and related costs, and accelerates and improves the submission of financial and management reports and the decision-making process.




  • Top-down and bottom-up budgeting: align budgets with targets
  • Automated capabilities for consolidation: speed up financial activities
  • Management and statutory consolidation: view financial data based on reporting requirements
  • Compliance and auditing: comply with regulations and standards such as GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards
  • “What-if” analysis and scenario planning: model different scenarios to assess potential outcomes
  • Variance reporting: compare plans versus actual results and determine the causes of any areas of variance


  • Fewer costs related to time spent drafting, implementing and approving plans, budgets and forecasts
  • Flexibility: the ability to rapidly generate various models of business scenarios and make the right decisions
  • More accurate plans adjusted in line with strategic objectives: budgets can be drawn up with regard to top-down and bottom-up changes at the company
  • Fast and accurate preparation of financial statements, with the automated consolidation process ensuring legal compliance and an audit trail
  • Minimised compliance risk, with accurate reporting that meets statutory requirements
  • An improved decision-making process: planning that can include risk factors that warn of emerging threats
  • More accurate plans, budgets and forecasts through collaboration and accountability
  • Lower implementation and maintenance costs
  • Less need for training and increased productivity, with a convenient user interface facilitating data entry and the preparation of financial statements


  • 25-45% Reduce time spent by finance personnel on budgeting & forecasting reconciliation, aggregation and  reporting
  • 30-50% Reduce time spent by finance  FTE’s on consolidations, reporting, reconciliations, and financial close
  • 25-40% Reduce time spent by IT on supporting changes to consolidation and budgeting & forecasting processes, structures, report creation, and user issues
  • 20-30% Reduct cost of financial risk of restatement, credit exposure, or other errors , due to data integrity and quality issues

*Data provided by SAP


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