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Having installed the cargo and goods information system, it became possible to transmit the declaration data via the Web interface directly to the Customs Department system without going to the customs post. It helps to assess the risk of the arriving cargo in advance and to determine whether it needs to be inspected. In addition, the Customs will be able to direct the EU cargos in advance into the so called green corridor.


Public enterprise Klaipėda State Seaport Authority (in Lithuanian ŠĮ KVJUD)


  • The competitive advantage of the Klaipėda Seaport is increasing and the economic growth of Lithuania is promoted.
  • Conditions to submit statistical reports on the cargos and goods to the Department of Statistics are provided.
  • The amount of paper documents used in the port territory is reduced by replacing them with electronic documents.


The Project is implemented using Oracle databases and Oracle BPEL technologies and integration environments and solutions based on Java programming language: Java Server Pages, Java Server Faces. The KPIS Project was the first in Lithuania to rely on Oracle BPEL for the implementation of integration layer that organizes and manages integrations with different information systems of 16 different institutions and organisations using different approaches (synchronous and asynchronous) and technologies  (from web services to e-mails and FTP transfers).


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Valdas Šimas

Director of Alna Software, UAB


+370 5 2363836



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