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Cloud computing – is a way to provide IT services, which requires only Internet connection, and you do not need to take care of the technical realization of the infrastructure, its maintenance and care. Services provided by Alna Intelligence, ensure data security and confidentiality. Activities and certified in accordance with ISO standards. Alna Intelligence owns certificates of Microsoft cloud Solutions:  Gold Devices and Deployment Gold Midmarket Solution Provider Silver Midmarket Cloud Solutions. Customer data is stored in the highest level of certified processing DLC Data Center Data Inn (, which is the only one in Lithuania fully certified by Uptime Tier3 standard.

Company Alna Intelligence technicians have gained exceptional technical expertise in implementing solutions based on Microsoft products. In Lithuania we were the first ones to implement more than 200 workplaces in hybrid infrastructure, part of server resources, leaving locally, and other part sharing with the cloud, that interacts with each other, so we know how to take all or part of your company’s IT services and move beyond the company quickly and smoothly.

Hybrid cloud – cloud computing infrastructure consisting of several types (private and public) individual “clouds” that operate with each other. Hybrid “cloud” allows an organization to simultaneously have several options. If a company’s IT department wants to increase the level of security and to have information placed on the “cloud”, for example, information systems, customer data or corporate communication between employees – IT department uses the private cloud. However, if you suddenly need some or all of the information transferred to third parties “cloud”, that information would be available to not only the members of the organization, a public cloud is the right choice. Hybrid freely makes it possible to migrate between the two choices.


  • No need to invest in IT equipment and no depreciation costs are incurred. Purchasing service you will only pay for the resources that will be exploited.
  • Service is available for even the smallest businesses. IT resources are distributed effectively and without risk, so no significant investment in IT are needed.
  • Flexibility. After purchasing the service, it will be operational in a few hours. You can also easily change the volume of the necessary resources in accordance with your business changes.
  • Human resource optimization. All work and supervision are made by external partners, so internal human resources can be assigned to other works.


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