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In consultations on complex IT infrastructure, our top specialists will evaluate the existing or planned infrastructure and the need for it. They will select the best optimisation solution and architecture, regardless of how complicated or specific it is.


  •   Consultations for complex IT infrastructure enable the identification of outdated infrastructure parts that affect performance or pose a risk (such as servers, data-storage facilities and network equipment). This allows more effective protection of your company’s activities and the ability to foresee the need for new infrastructure and opportunities for scalability·
  •  Optimal hybrid solutions for architecture enable the best use and optimisation of IT infrastructure, allowing outdated systems to be upgraded and combined with new ones, parts of the infrastructure to be transferred to the cloud, and databases and tools for managing systems to be consolidated·
  •  A suitable architectural solution not only reduces capex and opex costs, but also eliminates  excess infrastructure and removes the chaos of infrastructure administration, transforming it into an organised and smart process.


  • Assessment of the performance and needs of your existing and future IT infrastructure
  •  Preparation of a new solution for the architecture of your infrastructure and an optimisation plan for all infrastructure components, including:·
    • Data centres
    • Devices that avoid duplication
    • Servers
    • Tape drives
    • Backup power systems
    • Virtual environments and virtualisation software
    • Network equipment
    • Security software and hardware
    • Data-backup systems for software and equipment
    • Data-management systems
    • Data-archiving systems


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