Data Backup and Recovery

20 %
Of organizations face with serious data loss at least once in a five years
43 %
Of those companies go bankrupt immediately
6 %
This is the probability of continuing business after losing data
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The data backup service ensures that a copy of important data will be created for you according to an established timetable. In the case of data loss due to hardware failure or human error, you will always have a backup copy of data from which you can restore lost data and continue normal operations without major losses. We provide the backup service for a fixed monthly fee.


  • If you are considering investing in your own data backup equipment and infrastructure, you should consider our backup service and then your capital flows CAPEX will turn into operating expenses OPEX.
  • If you already have backup infrastructure, then consider critical data offsite storage. In this case you will secure yourself from complete data loss, and you will be able immediately restore business management systems, which is the highest priority and can even determine if a business can continue.
  • If your IT policy states that you must backup data offsite, you no longer have to physically ensure copies – they will be automatically saved in the external Certified Data Center.
  • Our services are dynamic – if your needs change the volume of services and price can be immediately changed.
  • Data backup is carried out at the highest level certified data center in the DLC datainn (, which is the only fully certified data center according to the Tier3 standard in Lithuania.


  • 24/7 services provision
  • 9 × 5 consulting related to service issues.
  • Copying data:
    • Virtual machines
    • Data files
    • Data catalogues
    • Microsoft Active Directory
    • Microsoft SQL
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Flexible schedule of backups
    • Minimum RPO interval – 30 min
    • Ensuring integrity of backups
    • Backup storage of snapshot copies
    • Ensuring backup security with encryption
    • Ability to restore any copy according to the schedule of copying
    • Cost of service depends on number of virtual servers, size, and schedule of copying


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