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Documents are processed each year
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The system is used in bank branches throughout Lithuania
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DNB bank is a Lithuanian Commercial Bank providing financial services to individuals and corporate customers. The bank is a part of Norway‘s largest financial services group, which serves customers in 19 countries worldwide.


DocLogix was installed in DNB bank in 2003, replacing the outdated document management system. DocLogix was chosen due to its wide functional capabilities, as well as the ability to configure and adapt the system to meet the needs of the bank.

Documents and related information move according to the configured rules (automated processes):

  • A lot of manual work is performed by the system (sending information, reminders, notifications, information transfer to the templates, etc.).
  • Smart control system detects errors and incorrectly filled fields.
  • Automated processes can be adapted when circumstances change.
  • Approval of special conditions for customers.
  • Approval and registration of credit issuance decisions.
  • Order and preparation of certificates to the clients.
  • Registration of outgoing / incoming correspondence.
  • Preparation from templates, deliberation and approval of various documents (decrees, procedures, contracts, job descriptions, performance reports).
  • Submission and approval of applications for holidays and business trips.
  • Approval of invoices.
  • Management of orders of cash delivery / collection.
  • Administration of guest cards.
  • Management of representation expenses.


  • 100% transparency – every employee can check the status of a given process or document.
  • Thanks to the system, paper documents generated within the organization decreased by 60%
  • Costs for document printing and transfer were reduced by about 60%
  • Document preparation takes up to 20% less work time
  • Decision making has accelerated by a factor of three
  • Prepared templates and clear processes allow users to prepare documents correctly on the first attempt


„For years, many people associated the banking sector with large bureaucratic apparatus, management, deliberation, and approval of important documents. However, all this is in the past. Today’s banking is a synthesis of rational thinking and modern technologies. We use modern and secure technologies, which allow us to make important decisions here and now using optimal time and financial resources. We use DocLogix for information management. It undoubtedly increases operational efficiency, reduces information management related costs, and accelerates access to relevant information. Our documents are more secure and controllable, and DocLogix allows us to distribute and process document flows electronically. Therefore, we can pay more attention to direct bank operations and customer service quality. The document management system DocLogix maintains high quality standards for information management, and encourages innovation in our organization.”

Jurgita Juskeviciene, Head of quality and process improvement department, UAB Luminor
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