DocLogix Customer Claims Management solution

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The DocLogix Customer Claims Management solution is dedicated to one thing – efficient and automatic claims management for manufacturing companies. It is the most flexible and powerful way to manage all types of claim, from warranty and post-warranty maintenance to product claims.

This product is a part of a more advanced DocLogix a set of tools needed to cost-effectively manage quality issues that arise at a manufacturing company, such as:

  • Quality control.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Compliance management.
  • Incident management.
  • Management of improvements.
  • Audit management.
  • Supplier/vendor evaluation.


  • AUTOMATIC CLAIMS MANAGEMENT – efficient, continuous and precise internal processing of customer claims.
  • FAST ACCESS TO INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTATION – all information and documentation about the claim will be stored in a standardised form (claim card) in one place: the DocLogix system.
  • Better VISIBILITY OF THE CLAIMS FULFILMENT PROCESS – you will be able to share claims request records for all relevant employees, as well as see which stage of processing a claim has reached and which stages it has gone through so far.
  • Better TRACEABILITY – you will be able to track performance and changes made to a claim, and  access all the most important information, such as the employee appointed with regard to investigation of the claim, the due date and internal priority.
  • IMPROVEMENT OF THE OVERALL QUALITY of work of the whole company, and of production processes and risk management – you will be able to track and analyse response processes for claims, such as the time of an official response and the delivery time for a final resolution for the claim.
  • This solution helps you to REDUCE CURRENT LOSSES that occur through poor claims management.


  • 40% reduction in claims-handling cycle time.
  • 15% reduction in claims leakage.
  • 60% improvement in claims processing.


  • Ability to create an automatic workflow for claim fulfilment.
  • A unified and easily accessible database of records for claims.
  • Ability to create a claim card with standardised information.
  • Ability to create a catalogue of different types of claim and a strict response protocol.
  • Information submission at the metadata level.
  • Registration of claims directly on the DocLogix system.
  • Convenient search function with respect to claims.
  • Ability to carry out evaluations of vendors/subcontractors on the basis of registered vendor/subcontractor complaints.
  • Opportunity to set up relations with other business objects in other DocLogix solutions. For example, between customer claims and risks that could occur within a company.
  • Multidimensional analysis of claims, such as time effort reporting for the investigation and/or resolution of a claim, the classification of claims, and the final status of claims (approved/rejected, processing/finished).
  • Customers’ claim relation with specific work order or project.
  • Calculation of external (from customers) and internal (to vendors) business process indicators for claims by quantity and value.

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Rolandas Vaikėnas

Sales Manager of DocLogix, UAB


+370 616 28812



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