Document Management Audit

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The purpose of this service is to review an organisation’s processes for document registration, transfer and control, assessing both the effectiveness and weaknesses of these procedures.

The audit comprises an analysis of the organisation’s processes and information systems that is specialised in line with requirements for document management.

During a DocLogix document-management audit, the following organisational factors are analysed:

  • Document-management processes
  • Configuration of the document-management system
  • IT infrastructure


As a part of the document-management audit, methods for improving the system are identified.

The following factors are evaluated during the audit:

  • The degree of electronisation of document-management processes
  • How the document-management system is used at the company (and if one is not used, what is used to perform similar tasks), as well as how much it fulfils requirements for document management
  • To what degree the organisation’s IT infrastructure is aligned with document-management needs
  • Document-management processes that run too slowly
  • Document-management processes that lack standardisation
  • Document-management processes that lack control


A DocLogix document-management audit consists of the following stages:

  • Project planning: at the start of the project, a detailed plan is put together
  • Information gathering: planned interviews and surveys are carried out
  • Analysis: all information is reviewed
  • Preparation of conclusions and recommendations: based on the results of the analysis, conclusions and recommendations are formed
  • Discussion of conclusions and recommendations: conclusions and recommendations are presented to the client, with opportunities to implement recommendations discussed


„Earlier the only way for the document to reach the client was throug the doors. Now, if you can not go through the doors, we go throught the window. With DocLogix it is simple.“

Rolandas Baškys, RST procurement and logistics director


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