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DocLogix is a leading system for document and process management created for office, contract, meeting, procurement and other processes, as well as their automation.



  • DocLogix has an exceptional tool for the automation of business processes. Its simplicity allows you to configure both basic and complex organisational processes that relate to documents and tasks without any special technical knowledge
  • Clients can choose one of three implementation options: install the system in their own server, use it “as a service” (a cloud solution) or choose mixed installation
  • Full integration with MS Office applications. An application-programming interface allows the product to be integrated with any system
  • DocLogix generates reports related to documents, tasks and processes, aiding better control of your business activities
  • DocLogix uses various methods to ensure security. The product is therefore being successfully used by organisations for which the protection of information is extremely important
  • The DocLogix mobile application enables access to your DocLogix documents and tasks on the go using iOS and Android devices. Download the app and work with DocLogix wherever you are.
  • DocLogix provides a large set of tools and allows multiple users to edit the same document, track changes and activities, and receive notifications.




  • A reduction of up to 50% on costs for paper documents, storage, transportation and archiving
  • Time savings of 30% for document searches
  • No losses from missing documents
  • Time savings of about 80% related to agreements and approvals for documents
  • A reduction of up to 50% in overdue tasks

„For years, many people associated the banking sector with large bureaucratic apparatus, management, deliberation, and approval of important documents. However, all this is in the past. Today’s banking is a synthesis of rational thinking and modern technologies. We use modern and secure technologies, which allow us to make important decisions here and now using optimal time and financial resources. We use DocLogix for information management. It undoubtedly increases operational efficiency, reduces information management related costs, and accelerates access to relevant information. Our documents are more secure and controllable, and DocLogix allows us to distribute and process document flows electronically. Therefore, we can pay more attention to direct bank operations and customer service quality. The document management system DocLogix maintains high quality standards for information management, and encourages innovation in our organization.”

Jurgita Juskeviciene, Head of quality and process improvement department, UAB Luminor

“When we implemented the system and started using its e-signature functionality, we discovered quite soon that document management processes in our bank became more efficient – the processes of collecting visas, approving documents, and signing became shorter, and printing and archiving costs were reduced. In addition, it is very important for us that now, with the help of the system, we can sign documents even from another country.”

Gintaras Rakauskas, Head of Administrative Department, Swedbank, AB

„Earlier the only way for the document to reach the client was throug the doors. Now, if you can not go through the doors, we go throught the window. With DocLogix it is simple.“

Rolandas Baškys, RST procurement and logistics director

„Why have we invested in DocLogix? We understand that sometimes one missing document can cause more cost to the company than investment into solution, that would protect organization from that kind of situations.“


Kęstutis Jonkus, Head of Financial Department, AB Klaipėdos energija

„National paying agency was oriented towards effective, convenient, modern tool, which would help to cotrol huge documents’ flows and information. After implementation of DocLogix, document process management improved, processes are standardized and automated, it is easier to search for document and the security of information is totally ensured. ”


Saulius Azbainis, General Affairs Department Director, Nacional Paying agency


Have a question? Want to order?

Rolandas Vaikėnas

Sales Manager of DocLogix, UAB


+370 616 28812



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