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A system that provides the full scope of budget-planning, financial-management and accounting services in accordance with IPSAS (international public sector accounting standards under the accruals method) requirements used for state and municipal treasuries, ministries, budget organisations, and government- and municipality-level spending units countrywide. The system is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Using this solution helps to save funds needed to manage the finances of different institutions and to save more taxpayer money.

The use of cloud-computing principles ensures the security, consistency and reliability of the documents of state authorities, and allows information to be easily analysed with the help of standardised reports.



Budget management

  • Budget formation and specifications
  • Formation and import of budgets from subordinate organisations




Financial management

  • Financial data on payments
  • Other general-ledger operations
  • Financial-year closure
  • Financial reporting




  • Money-order management
  • Integration with subordinate organisations and state budget-management systems
  • Automated cash accounting (cash in hand and in the bank) and conversion of currency accounts



Report management

  • Formation of financial reports
  • Reports regulated by IPSAS are provided in Excel tables. Reporting forms and rules for calculations are easily modified and adapted to the organisation’s needs
  • Automated consolidation of the reports of subsidiaries



  • Accounting for fixed assets and inventories
  • Accounting for inventory, and long- and short-term assets
  • Accounting for service sales and purchases
  • Agreements accounting and execution control with support receivers
  • Accounting for business trips and fuel
  • Hierarchical plan of accounts and budget classifications

Personnel management

  • Staff management, employee files, employment and dismissal documents
  • Payroll calculations
  • Work-time accounting
  • Automated calculation of unused annual-leave balances
  • Annual-leave reserve accounting


  • Easier to control and plan the state budget
  • Reliable and accurate daily transactions with state funds
  • Effective, reliable and centralised planning, financial management and accounting for the state budget


  • All necessary records are automatically generated
  • Close integration with GBAPS
  • All areas of accounting are combined in one unified system
  • The system is fully ready for installation


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