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Personnel-related information is particularly sensitive, and the management of personnel documents presents a number of concerns for the staff responsible. Organizations can experience significant information loss in case of an accident or other emergency situation. Also, during an emergency many employees are not familiar with the latest procedures and do not know how to react properly. In order to protect your organization and manage personnel documentation properly, we recommend using DocLogix solution.


  • Manages personnel documents separately from other documents in the company
  • Creates strict control for access to personnel documents
  • Sorts personnel documents (by employee, by document type, etc.)
  • Sends reminders about the ending of fixed-term contracts
  • Easily introduces staff to new procedures by entering a new document into the system
  • Shows what procedures were reviewed by whom and when
  • Sends reminders about employees who have not yet reviewed the necessary documents
  • Sends reminders about the termination or validity of certain procedures


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Rolandas Vaikėnas

Sales Manager of DocLogix, UAB


+370 616 28812



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