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IaaS is a cloud-computing model that comprises a virtual-hosting service, including servers, data storage, network components, software, and storage and maintenance on our premises. For consumers who USE a data-centre platform, WE ensure the same user experience as when working on a local network. Regardless of the number of servers – whether one, dozens, or even hundreds – these are equally well-served by virtualisation technologies and “enterprise-class” hardware and software.

With an IaaS platform, you will be given a dedicated environment that you can use to:

  • Easily create the desired parameters for virtual servers
  • Change the number of virtual servers
  • Modify and create new individual server settings and remove unnecessary ones
  • Administer servers remotely
  • Combine servers into a single virtual network
  • Combine with your office workstations or remote working areas


  • Speed: you will be able to use the resources immediately, with no need to wait for the supply and installation of equipment in the data centre. This will not take any time. You will be able to significantly shorten the duration of projects and implement and deliver applications and services more quickly to customers. The installation time is reduced from months to days
  • More convenient financial flows: you no longer have to take care of investment planning and approval, or fixed-asset accounting. Your CAPEX flows will become easily and accurately projected cost lines – OPEX
  • Lower maintenance costs: you will have a dedicated IaaS environment in which you can create your desired parameters for virtual servers, according to your needs, or we can do it for you. You will not need to plan several years in advance and risk not choosing the best long-term solution, taking care of the training. There is also no need for you to know the specifics of all components or take care of equipment maintenance, administration or backup processes. You can leave this to professionals who guarantee the highest level of service
  • Flexibility and adaptability to the business cycle: the IaaS platform will provide you with the flexibility and freedom to act according to business needs and cycles. If necessary, you can increase or reduce the amount of resources, with a corresponding change in the amount paid
  • Mobility: depending on the solution installed, you will have the opportunity to work anywhere that has an internet connection


  • Virtual resource platform is made up of “enterprise-class equipment to provide the highest level of performance and reliability. All components are duplicated, avoiding service disruption because of single component failure.
  • Physical servers through virtualization software are combined into a single unit, which ensures that in case of failure of one server, the virtual server will be automatically moved to another physical server and operating service will continue to be provided.
  • At least once a week we make a backup copy of each virtual server, if needed, the backup schedule is adapted according to your needs.
  • In the data center two separate power inputs are provided, at least two separate Internet line, additional installation duplicated uninterrupted power supplies and power generators are installed.
  • Data center physical security is working 24/7 mode, there is a multi-level access control, including biometric devices, and video system that monitors the premises and is accumulating records.


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