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Intellectual Forest Economy Electronic Services Information System provides information on the state forests using geographic information system solutions to natural persons and legal entities interactively. This system provides information on places of interest in the state forests, round-wood trade, forest and ornamental plants, current forest sanitary and fire situation, and other complex state forestry activities and in this way contributes to the spread of high-tech and creation of the information society in the country.


Directorate General of State Forests


  • The system provides an opportunity to the Lithuanian residents and foreign guests to find all information about the condition of the Lithuanian state forests, round-wood trade, recreation objects and paths for pedestrian and people with mobility impairments in one place electronically (over the Internet) using the geo information system solutions.
  • Using one interactive electronic service – the interactive forest service map, it is possible to obtain the comprehensive information on the places of interest in the Lithuanian state forests, their location on the map, information on roads, how to reach the selected object or meteorological information.
  • The Project is especially useful for education institutions and tourism sector.


The main functionality of this portal is based on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) content management system of tailored for the customer needs. Additional functionality is implemented by developing new MOSS 2007 integrated components.
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database is used for data storage.


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Valdas Šimas

Director of Alna Software, UAB


+370 5 2363836



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