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Hardware and software rental services – servers, PCs and laptops, monitors, printers, scanners, multifunctional devices, and network equipment, as well as other equipment, for a fixed monthly fee for 24 months, 36 months, or another period agreed in advance.



This service includes:

  • Delivery of agreed hardware to the customer and permission to use it
  • Warranty for the entire period the service is used
  • Insurance for damage to the equipment due to unexpected event: fire, water, theft, damage by third parties
  • Option to purchase the equipment at residual market value upon the expiry of rental period or to extend the rental at more favorable conditions


  • Saving money – you can avoid initial investments for equipment purchasing or updating. Your organization’s balance can avoid equipment depreciation costs – you will spend less time on administration.
  • Time saving and warranties – we will take care of everything related to the purchase, insurance, and warranty. We provide maintenance services for IBM, Lenovo and other manufacturers; so we can quickly repair most equipment.
  • Continuation of activity (all liabilities regarding the execution of requirements regarding reaction to failures and recovery times are expressed in legal terms. While eliminating personnel risks, all specialists are doubled or substituted. Replacement equipment is also available, so that technical failures have no negative effects on a customer’s business processes).
  • Electronic service management system – according to your request we provide access to an e- services management system where you can monitor the repair process of each equipment (the status of warranty repair work, which specialist is doing the work, etc.).
  • Replacement equipment – at your request we can rent replacement equipment from Alna Intelligence resources. This will remove the risk that technical difficulties could negatively affect your organization’s business processes and give greater freedom from the inconvenience and failure of equipment.


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