Laboratory Management solution

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The DocLogix Laboratory Management solution is dedicated to automating and streamlining the main processes of a laboratory. This smart solution will help you to better manage your lab’s inventory, maximize the effectiveness of your sample analyses/test processing, and reduce the time devoted to the creation of reports.


The user-friendly DocLogix Laboratory Management solution offers traceability, simplicity and productivity, for greater achievements in your laboratory.

  • 100% automation– all of the laboratory processes are transitioned into a digital environment including: test decompositions, task assignments, notifications, data gathering and analyses. Also, everything is done automatically.
  • 100% traceability– everything that’s going on in the laboratory is tracked.
  • 100% compliance– the software is fully compliant with the official standards, regulations and guidelines.
  • 100% security– employees can access the information strictly according to the rights assigned to them.
  • 90% better sample analysis management– a smart system proactively sends notifications to inform employees about the upcoming tasks, tests to be performed, delays, etc. In addition, you are able to create step-by-step analysis guides for particular sample tests.
  • 70% time-savingin the generation of reports – the final sample test report is generated automatically.
  • Betterquality control – ensures everyone performs tests according to the latest standards and quality requirements. The DocLogix system will make suggestions, and will provide standards to check when needed.
  • Easier laboratory documentation controland organization – everything is stored in one place. This means no more time-consuming paperwork, no more lost documents and “not assigned/missed” tasks, and no more useless walking from place to place.

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Rolandas Vaikėnas

Sales Manager of DocLogix, UAB


+370 616 28812



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