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Software asset management (SAM) is a best practice that comprises a set of procedures and standards that help companies to form effective strategies for the procurement, use and renewal of IT infrastructure and software. In this way, organisations can protect investments made in acquiring and planning software procurement.


  • Better business understanding and control of infrastructure
  • Reduced costs through the optimization of licensing and the ability to select the most appropriate licensing model
  • Reduced risk through ensuring the correct software licensing
  • Increased security and lower maintenance costs
  • Simplified processes for acquiring and deploying software
  • Software standardisation leads to a higher level of user productivity, simplified IT management and faster resolution of incidents


Companies that included SAM in their business processes can manage and control risks and costs, as well as plan actions related to their software assets.

The client receives:

  • Accurate inventory of Microsoft software being used
  • Confirmation that the software meets all licensing requirements and is licensed in an optimal way
  • The opportunity to identify missing licenses and abandon unused ones, leading to a reduction in licensing costs and risks
  • Recommendations and an action plan on making better use of available licenses and planning deployments and upgrades


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