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Maintenance services ensure the secure operation and management of servers and data storage, and are certified according to standards that comply with the highest requirements of IT service-management. Installed processes and tools ensure a high quality of service and that customer expectations are met.

Systems maintained:

  • Operating systems
  • Mail-server software
  • Data-server software
  • Backup software
  • Antivirus software
  • Platforms for workplace upgrades and management
  • Remote-working software
  • Licence management
  • File-sharing applications
  • Virtualisation platforms
  • WEB servers
  • Other



  • Your company will not have to maintain expensive qualified personnel to perform routine IT-maintenance tasks. Your internal IT staff can focus on the added value that they provide as specialists in a specific area


  • Service desk: title-calling solution already first time
  • Communication in Lithuanian, English, Danish and Russian, with services provided to apply ITIL-based processes and tools
  • A designated manager for IT services, who is available to consult about IT issues related to services provided and make recommendations
  • Service-provision time: from standard times to 24/7 , when the standard working time of the specialist assigned has ended


  • A team of specialists with the necessary skills, experience and areas of specialisation, fully ensuring their replacement and interchangeability
  • Quality-of-service assurances, with obligations relating to productivity and the provision of services to fixed deadlines
  • Alternate resources in the event of critical accidents, including replacement equipment and specialists with specific qualifications from across the Alna Group.
  • The risk is avoided that the company’s IT professionals will create systems that the work of all others ends up depending on, leading to a serious threat to the business after they leave





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