Manufacturing Processes Planning and Control System

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Manufacturing Processes Planning and Control System  allows creating realistic plans, tracing production processes, managing and controlling the cost of products, and viewing the overall picture of the enterprise by analysing particular production phases.

Solution is used to accurately account for the cost of production, inventories, and profitability. The system integrates successfully all the areas of the company‘s resource planning: from the comprehensive calculations of the cost of materials to project, personnel and supply chain management.


Efficiently managed manufacturing processes:

  • Planned production and accounting for actual quantities of materials and resources consumed in production lines.
  • Manufacturing resources and production costs linked with individual production batches.
  • Allocated and calculated production costs and balances.
  • Efficient cost control.
  • Accurate manufacturing inventory management.

Optimised procurement:

  • Procurement planning for each product.
  • Procurement planning based on production and balance plans.
  • Procurement contract management.
  • Supplier balance sheets and payment management.
  • Corporate business supply (other procurement) planning and management based on operating budgets.



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