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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a business solution that maintains operational processes used in specific business sectors and is a comprehensive tool for planning and the management of financial information and human resources.This solution enables your staff to anticipate and encourage change, which will help your business thrive.Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed as a powerful and flexible solution that is easy to use and will provide long-term value to your organisation.
The product includes more than 1,000 new functions and extensions that complement the core system for business management (ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning) and are consistent with the needs of the industry. This will lead to the use of less time to give more value to your business, as well as providing flexibility and insight into your organisation. The system can be quickly adapted, widely used, easily serviced and updated, allowing your entire company to stride towards simplicity. A continuous focus on improving the interoperability of the ERP system with Microsoft Business applications and IT-infrastructure technologies will help to highlight your competitive advantage and motivate your staff to anticipate and embrace change.


  •  Built-in industry capabilities for manufacturing, distribution and retail, and enhanced core ERP functionality, such as the Audit Workbench and budgetary controls, will help you fulfil special business requirements with less customisation. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a global solution that readily grows with your business and gives people instant, role-tailored insight and increases productivity .
  • The product gives you the insight and ability to quickly adapt to changing business needs and opportunities, free up resources for development and solutions, and streamline deployment (including flexible hosted and on-premises options), maintenance and upgrades of the system.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX provides users with a consistent and familiar experience, effortless interoperability with Microsoft Office products, and improved collaboration across the extended supply chain. IT staff can focus on strategic development through simplified application for life-cycle management.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is purpose-built for manufacturing, distribution and retail organisations, delivering industry-specific capabilities out of the box. The product combines these capabilities in one solution and makes them available to all customers, providing benefits for organisations that have needs in more than one industry.


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