Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania

1 000 000
More than 1,000,000 documents are processed each year
Every day DocLogix is used by about 4,000 Ministry employees
Connected 23 institutions
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  • The previous system in use by the client had limited functionality, and only the main institutions could access it.
  • There was no ability to agree on documents between institutions in an electronic environment.
  • Some subordinate institutions didn’t have an electronic document management system, making oversight and collaboration very complicated.
  • The processes of document preparation, agreement, searching, and archiving were complicated, expensive, and time-consuming.
  • There was no ability to monitor the completion of tasks and assignments.
  • The system was not integrated with other government information systems.
  • Electronic signature was not supported by the system.
  • It was not possible to search the content of scanned paper documents.
  • Some documents were still registered in paper record books.


After analyzing the problems of the Ministry, DocLogix designed and implemented a custom document and process management solution. It has a wide range of functional capabilities, is integrated with other state information systems, and ensures that all institutions can participate in joint activities.

  • During the project, the DocLogix platform was integrated with main features
  • A special module was developed to enable the exchange of and agreement on documents among institutions with DocLogix installed.
  • The system was integrated with the National Archive Information System
  • DocLogix was integrated with the register of civil servants
  • A unique module for monitoring legal acts was developed


  • After installing the system, the Ministry significantly reduced its use of paper documents. Today, electronic documents and scanned copies account for about 85% of all documents.
  • Document search is more than 20 times faster than before. Now, a document can be found from any computer in just a few seconds.
  • The process of agreeing on documents across multiple institutions is now up to five times faster. This was achieved through process automation and the use of a document exchange module.
  • Costs for paper, printing materials, and postal services were reduced by about 80%.
  • Processing of citizen requests and issuance of various certificates was accelerated by 20%


DocLogix will speed up the work of Ministry employees and will save time and money required for document management. Citizens should also experience the benefits of the system, because it will speed up the issuance of certificates, handling of complaints, and provision of other public services.

Dailis Alfonsas Barakauskas, Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania
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