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The monitoring service for IT infrastructure gives you continuous oversight of the customer’s infrastructure and enables you to immediately find out about any faults. All popular hardware (such as servers and network equipment) and applications (such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, various databases and web pages) can be monitored. Customers can be informed about problems by e-mail or by monitoring the situation live via the Internet portal. The service is based on the Zabbix technology platform.

The real-time monitoring system can be integrated with the complex Alna Intelligence maintenance service. The service is provided remotely through standard data networks.


  • Improved IT reliability: continuous monitoring of the IT infrastructure provides a faster response and solution to faults.
  • Reduced number of IT incidents: proactive problem-solving ensures that most damage will be pre-empted
  • Ability to take the pulse of IT equipment: the opportunity for live monitoring of the availability of IT infrastructure and performance parameters enables the user to obtain a clear picture of the current situation. The user can also access periodic reports, tracking how well infrastructure is operating.
  • Professional services: professionals in this sphere are able to analyse your IT infrastructure and monitoring needs, as well as select and install optimal technological solutions.
  • Split payments: the service does not require any initial investment, so the company’s financial resources can be directed towards the core business. The service is charged on the basis of a monthly fee, depending on company needs.


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