Natural Gas Billing System

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The Gas Billing System is an efficient billing tool of the gas company which administrates gas consumption calculation and issuance of bills for a particular consumer. The system is developed considering the specificity of the gas company and includes billing for households, enterprises and free subscriptions.


Lietuvos Dujos, AB (Lithuanian gas utility)


  • Loss reduction due to consumer insolvency.
  • Increases the company’s management efficiency and the efficiency of daily operations of employees.
  • The Gas Billing System is the basis to develop other cost-reducing systems.


The solution is based on Microsoft technologies: ASP.NET, NET 3.5, Visual Basic 6, PHP, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 database and integration with SCALA. The user interface for external consumers is implemented using the web browser when internal consumers use Windows Forms. The report module is implemented in the system allowing to display statistical and analytical reports on the screen and to submit data to consumers in MS Excel and PDF formats, and to generate documents according to the templates submitted, such as acts, requests, warnings and the like.


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Valdas Šimas

Director of Alna Software, UAB


+370 5 2363836



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