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To maintain data networks, Alna specialists constantly monitor the whole network infrastructure and ensure the smooth and uninterrupted performance of systems. IT administrators monitor network traffic and carry out the corrections and updates required.



  •  Your company will not have to maintain an expensive specialist in computer networks to carry out maintenance work


  • Services are provided by certified and experienced specialists. Risk is eliminated through a group of specialists assigned to maintenance, which means the SYSTEM is not left without MAINTENANCE if individual specialists are ill or on holiday vacation
  • The monitoring of network infrastructure ensures a rapid response, avoiding potential incidents or ensuring a solution for them
  • We are committed to restoring the operation of services to fixed deadlines, while adhering to security and confidentiality requirements
  • We work under the principle of proactivity to prevent most potential IT incidents


  • Each client is provided with an IT-services manager, who can be consulted on matters relating to the provision of services and IT, as well as make recommendations. Direct communication is helpful in meeting your expectations


  • Operational assistance in the event of IT disruptions and the opportunity to communicate with a specialist by phone, e-mail or internet 24/7·
  • Access in the Lithuanian, English, Danish and Russian language·
  • Professional help-desk services in applying processes and tools based on ITIL


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