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Alna designs, implements and maintains data-communication networks. The areas of expertise of the company’s specialists include solutions for data-centre and local area networks (LANs), as well as wide area networks (WANs). The solutions are based on the equipment of manufacturers such as HP and Cisco.


Data-networking solutions have recently been categorised into the following main groups:

  • Data-centre networking. This involves high-bandwidth networks with the need for exceptional reliability
  • Networks for headquarters and business centres that provide access to resources for a large number of users. The main challenge encountered by organisations and people who maintain these networks is managing a huge variety of users and their appliances and connection methods (wired or wireless)

Data networks for remote subdivisions and small organisations. Such locations do not have a dedicated network administrator, so the main task is to ensure the provision of all the network services that users need via wired or wireless connections in the simplest possible way. Multipurpose equipment is often used for this, with the ability to perform more network-appliance functions and be remotely managed

Alna Intelligence understands the unique and different needs of its customers and offers an optimal network solution that consists of equipment components for data networks from leading manufacturers. These comprise:

  • Routers: create network-routing maps and tables, and forward information streams in line with them
  • Switches: manage data streams so that they reach the right destination with the lowest level of losses at maximum speed
  • Router switches: coordinate the functions of routers and switches in a single appliance
  • Wireless access points: enable user appliances to access resources over a wireless Wi-Fi network
  • Controllers for wireless access points: manage wireless access points, distribute resources to users, and manage the network access of users and their migration between access points



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