03 11
UAB Associates are taking a step into the Baltics: an agreement has been reached with HR Factory


Recruitment and personnel solutions company UAB Associates, which previously represented the brand name of Grafton Recruitment, has chosen a new partner: starting from next year, they will be working with the international human resources management company HR Factory.
According to the company’s director Henrika Bivainienė, in the process of choosing a new business partner special attention was paid to their specialization. The partnership with HR Factory strengthens the position of both companies in the Baltics. The new partner is specialised on a wide scope of HR solutions for big and mid-size companies and recognized as a leader in the recruitment of specialists and executives in the fields of information technology, finance, sales, human resources and administration
“We have been observing the situation in the other Baltic, as well as Scandinavian countries for a while. The IT recruitment market in both Latvia and Estonia is more developed. According to our research, there are 27 200 IT specialists (1.9 % of all the workforce) and 3900 students are currently studying in the IT field in Lithuania. These numbers are 2 % of the workforce and 5000 students in Latvia. Estonia significantly exceeds the other two countries in both categories with 31 000 employees (4.9 % of the workforce) and 4500 students. This proportion exceeds both averages – Lithuania and the EU (3.7 %).
Associates plans to employ five additional highest-competence recruitment consultants. The company will carry out its activities under the HR Factory brand name.
“HR Factory have been leaders in human resource recruitment in Estonia and Germany for more than a decade and also have reliable partners in Latvia. Furthermore, they specialize in the same fields as we do, therefore the benefit and the synergy will be felt not only by our clients, as we shall be looking throughout the Baltics for candidates that best suit their needs. The candidates themselves will also experience positive effects because we will be able to offer them more varied employment opportunities.” Such were the comments made by H. Bivainienė on the decision to look for a new business partner.
Employment, specialist management and personnel solutions agency UAB Associates is a member of the Alna group.

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