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Alna Road Construction is the Microsoft Dynamics-based solution designed and used in Lithuania for construction, road building and other design companies. Alna Road Construction allows drawing up realistic plans, tracking the course of works, managing and controlling projects, while simultaneously viewing the overall picture of the company and analyzing particular projects or self-supporting units. Alna Road Construction is used to accurately account for the cost, inventories and profitability of a project. The system integrates successfully all the areas of the company‘s resource planning: from the comprehensive calculations of the cost of materials to project, personnel and supply chain management.


Purposeful monitoring of the construction project:

  • Construction project time schedule.
  • Cost and profitability.
  • Deviation of the planned budget.

Risk management and strategic solutions:

  • Changes in financial indicators.
  • Change in non-financial (quality) indicators.

Reduction of the cost of construction projects and production:

  • Accurate material supply planning.
  • Resource planning and load balancing.

Performance of obligations:

  • Work planning and performance control.
  • Resource time planning.



  • Specification of projects – project work groups, works specified according to an estimate used for price formation of a construction object.
  • Monthly registration of actual quantities and amounts of materials, as well as accumulated project income.
  • Automatically generated sales invoices – invoices by projects to customers.
  • Described and recorded agreements with clients and subcontractors.
  • Actual use of resources by projects and comparison with the project estimate and actually completed works.
  • Accounting of operating hours and fuel of means of transport and machinery,
  • Calculated project transportation costs.
  • Distributed indirect costs by projects added to project cost.
  • Records of works of subcontractors by projects.
  • Registered remuneration by projects, imported data from the remuneration system.
  • Imported data from the estimate generation system on three or four levels.
  • Analytical outcomes which can be sorted out by the user by various parameters.
  • Possibility to monitor and analyze necessary information online.


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