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Alna Property Management is the Microsoft Dynamics (AX or NAV) – based solution designed for real estate property management and development companies and used in Lithuania. This solution is intended for management of real estate property such as commercial premises, offices, shopping centres, stores and other real estate properties.

Alna Property Management provides the tools necessary to manage, control, analyse, appraise and carry out daily business operations. The Solution allows managing lease contracts, lease objects and the services provided, to establish prices and rules in a flexible manner, to control and analyse selected operating results.


  • Stronger business ties with customers – tenants.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Higher efficiency of the administrative activities.
  • Risk management and loss prevention.
  • Accurate and detailed business reports and budget forecasts.


  • Elaborate description of real estate properties, division of real estate properties into multiple units.
  • Calculation of real estate property acquisitions, write-offs, sales and wear and tear.
  • Management of contracts (with tenants and suppliers): conclusion, registration and use of contract data.
  • Flexible pricing system.
  • Management of the individual service package for each customer.
  • Automatic document and invoice generation and dispatch.
  • Customer debt accounting and management, debt history.
  • Supplier services procurement management.
  • Distribution of heating, electricity and other utilities among tenants.
  • Lease index and real estate property revaluation.
  • Management of customer relations and work assignments.
  • Integration with electronic banking.
  • Financial budgeting and activity management.
  • Integration with the company‘s human resource system.
  • Business analytics: cross-sectional data analysis.


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