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SAP HANA is a real time in-memory data platform. It provides real-time analysis and applications that aid the immediate and effective management and analysis of huge amounts of data, and reduces the complexity of IT usage.

With SAP HANA, new real-time analytical solutions and applications supplement existing SAP solutions. A unique in-memory database is able to analyse a large amount of information at the moment it is created, without additional sorting and saving.


  • Accelerated business development and innovation
  • Increased visibility and speed of main business processes
  • Greater speed and an opportunity to analyse huge amounts of data at all levels of the organisation
  • Reduced expenditure for IT management

SAP HANA helps to:

  • Accelerate business processes through rapid analysis and reports
  • Develop new business models and processes
  • Decrease overall cost by creating less need for technical equipment and its related maintenance
  • Develop radical hardware and software innovations through SAP in-memory solutionsFind essential and valuable information within large amounts of data



  • In-memory analysis of all the company’s information without preparing any data or preliminary calculations, and without needing adaptations
  • Capacity to accelerate processes and identify and react to every demand and supply signal, improving planning cycles
  • Real-time accessibility everywhere through remote access or directly using the system, enabled by flexible architecture applicable to different sizes of business


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