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Our security solutions can help to protect your company’s network from internet threats.

Our solutions are based on globally recognised hardware and software, selected and managed according to your needs.

We will protect your company’s network from the following threats:

  • Intrusion and data theft
  • Internet viruses. All computers connected to the internet will be protected from most viruses, Trojan horses, etc.
  • Unwanted e-mails
  • Unsafe web pages. You can prohibit access to these pages in line with your predetermined categories
  • Malicious software. An in-depth analysis of network packages being sent will identify malicious programs and prohibit them under the parameters established


  • Perimeter-security solutions. The main task of these is to filter data streams in line with the parameters established·
  • Solutions for data-stream encryption. In some cases, standard options for data-stream encryption provided by UTM appliances or routers are not enough. In such situations, specialised appliances that encrypt data streams and have particularly safe protocols are used.
  • Compliance standards, traceability of events, and prevention solutions. These provide the opportunity to collect event logs from all appliances in the network allows all attempts to infringe an organisation’s safety parameters relating to both external and internal threats to be registered.


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