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We offer on-demand staff augmentation to extend your in-house team. We share our talent pool with their knowledge of area and best practices to meet your demand. Our flexible engagement model options meet business needs and save cost.


  • Personnel risks are eliminated and the continuity of operations is ensured: this service ensures substitution for IT specialists in the event of illnesses, holidays, training or leaving the job, so there is no risk of an unattended IT system.
  • Flexibility in changing the number of IT specialists and areas of competence in your business projects: an optimal number of qualified IT specialists and required competences are ensured.
  • Comfort for your users: you will gain direct access to IT personnel appointed to you and can give tasks to them directly, the same as when working with employees at your company.
  • Improved business performance by managing costs relating to IT personnel: the service ensures that IT specialists appointed to you will work for an agreed time during the day (e.g. for a half day). In this way, you will not incur the cost of employing a full-time IT specialists. Costs for recruitment, retention, training and lay-offs are also reduced.


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Valdas Šimas

Director of Alna Software, UAB


+370 5 2363836



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