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The DocLogix Work Orders Management solution is composed of a set of tools which bring automation, flexibility, traceability and transparency to the management of manufacturing projects. The solution helps to better manage workflows and projects, creates priority lists of tasks, gathers all the work orders and/or project-related documentation together in one place, monitors the performances of employees, and eliminates the need for continuous follow-ups. The Work Orders Management solution brings order to your manufacturing company, while boosting productivity and reducing the everyday manufacturing costs.


  • 100%TRACEABILITY – you will be able to track every process that takes place in the factory.
  • 90% REDUCED RISK OF MISTAKES AND DELAYS– the continuity and efficiency of the consecutive task flows inside the production and the preparation of manufacturing processes will be improved.
  • 80%INCREASED EFFICIENCY BY IDENTIFYING BOTTLENECKS – all of the work orders, projects and workflow tasks will be covered and automated.
  • 70%DECREASED PAPER ARCHIVING COSTS – all of the manufacturing documents (such as the specifications and standards, quality control records, distribution records, batch packaging records, customer information, descriptions of the performed work, lists of materials used,, etc.) will be stored in a digital format within the system. Also, the system will ensure that you always receive the latest versions of documents.
  • 40%INCREASED TIME COMPLETION RATE FOR SCHEDULED WORK ORDERS – there are no more frozen periods between different tasks. The system will automatically start a new task, or send a notification if something isn’t done on time. In this way, you will be able to get your product to the market faster, while reducing the overhead costs.
  • MoreEFFECTIVE DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS – all of the process-related documents will include workflows and tasks.
  • DECISION-MAKINGwill become better and faster – the responsible people will be in sync with the operations at all times.


  • Work order decomposition by tasks or/and items.
  • Work order, project or task-related document management (gathering, versioning, accessing, storing and distribution).
  • Management of technical drawings.
  • Automatic creation of the content (body) of a document on the basis of the attached metadata.
  • Automation of manual paper work based on the realisation of an automated workflow.
  • Interactive and automatic preventative and corrective reminders/notifications.
  • Automatic gathering of product-related documents for the purpose of delivering them to the customer.
  • Automatic creation of transmittal documents.
  • Tracking and recording of the documents’ delivery to the client.
  • Convenient tracking and reporting of the time hours related to a project.
  • Data on the work orders/project hourly budgets and the employee resource capacities for collection and analysis.

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