Yefforts: Employee Peer-to-Peer Recognition System

All employees used Yefforts
97 %
of all available Yefforts points were used
14 times
On average, employees said thank you to each other 14 times
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Yefforts is a motivation and recognition system for employees. Employees are praised straight after achieving results.

The system is aimed at allowing company employees to praise their colleagues publicly in a personal and cheerful way. Encouragement has a moral, as well as a material and tangible benefit.

Implement the project together with motivated staff. Provide them with a favourable working atmosphere and the support they need, and rely on them to do their work effectively. Start with small changes in your team. A good example will spread throughout the company.


For the employee:

  • Develops a stronger bond with colleagues
  • Feels recognised
  • Tangible exchange of points, extra benefits/profits
  • Helps to organise team projects and events

For the employer:

  • Strengthens corporate culture
  • Increases employee loyalty
  • Stimulates collaboration between colleagues and effective work
  • Motivates employee initiatives
  • Allows the identification of leaders among employees


  • Operates in our cloud or on virtual servers
  • Easily expanded, with automated sign-up for new users
  • Scalable: the capacity of the system increases in line with hardware
  • Single-page application: fast operations, saving server resources
  • Modular: extra features are provided as plug-ins
  • Multilingual
  • Modern design
  • Can be used on mobile devices


“This product – unique platform to connect the people in big organization – it is flexible, simple and user friendly”.

Rita Janušauskaitė, UAB "TOP SHOP" regiono vykdomoji direktorė


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