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The largest independent wood trading company in Lithuania




About the company

Sprusas is the largest independent wood trading company in Lithuania. Sprusas main activity is export of pallet boards and round logs, yet other products are also included in the product mix.
The company is active in more than 30 markets located mainly in the Far East, the Middle East and Europe.

The chalenges:
The chalenges:

The old enterprise resource planning system couldn‘t handle the larger orders
There was no control over contract management
Lots of mistakes happened in logistics planning
Accounting was becoming too complex
Data was stored on multiple systems
Inaccurate order volume and duration
Planning became difficult and time-consuming

The proposition:
The proposition:

Alna Timber Dynamics is specifically designed for timber trading companies. It covers all of the major processes in the timber supply chain: procurement, logistics and sales, while ensuring the quality of the services provided.

The outcome:
The outcome:
  • All the necessary information and documents are stored in a unified system and are readily available
  • Simplified and enhanced critical business processes
  • The speed of the sales process increased, as did the inventory turnover, which subsequently increased efficiency and profitability


Alna Timber Dynamics allows us to fully control procurement, logistics and sales – our core business areas. In addition to this, it simplifies accounting, since all of the key product and business information is always readily available.

Giedrius Laurinaitis

Head of Sales at Sprusas


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