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Nuts and dried fruits




About the company

Arimex is the nut and dried fruit market leader in the Baltic and Nordic regions. The company has been operating since 1995 and importing its products from 32 countries around the world. Arimex is mainly involved in import, processing, roasting, mixing, packaging, wholesale and export of nuts, dried fruits and edible seeds.

  • All of the warehouse-related processes had to be managed by a single system in real time;  
  • Routine warehouse accounting operations required too much manual labor;
  • Order fulfillment errors;
  • The warehouse operations were not efficient enough.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012R3 warehouse module – this module is designed to automate the warehousing and transportation of goods as well as to integrate mobile devices into warehousing processes.

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  • Goods in the warehouse are accounted for by mobile devices;
  • Minimized probability of errors in warehouse accounting and shipping of goods to customers;
  • A sales order can be fulfilled by several people at once, thus speeding up the process;
  • Pallets with goods are marked with unique SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) codes;
  • Warehouse task workflow monitoring takes place in real time;
  • Increased operational efficiency;
  • More efficient inventory management;
  • Easier introduction of new warehouse employees;
  • Reduced paper consumption.


We have been using Dynamics AX 2012 R3 for the company's financial management for quite some time now, but we really lacked the warehouse management functionality. Our goal was to automate warehouse management and use of mobile devices to fulfill orders. With the implementation of the warehouse module, we have digitized paper-based operations, all of the warehouse goods are scanned with mobile devices, our shipping operations are now performed faster and more accurately, the traceability of our warehouse operations was improved and we overcome the challenges of pallet marking. In the near future we plan to automate full warehouse cycle management, expand warehouse zoning and connect other warehouses in the company.

Olga Stankevičienė

Business controller

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