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About the company

Lotos Baltica is a exclusively short-dated product shipping service company and mainly oriented for fruits and vegetables transportation. The major base of service package consists of transportation between Spain, Italy and Scandinavia. Company's mission is to provide a highest quality services following all legal regalements, the law and ecological requirements.

  • Around 2000 tons of fruits and vegetables are being delivered by Lotos Baltica every week. Every 3rd fruit or vegetable in Norwegian and Finnish stores is delivered by Lotos Baltica.
  • Company's secondary product group is fresh salmon delivery from Norway with around 1700 tons every week.


  • Current ERP system couldn’t handle the growing needs of the company
  • Payroll calculation and accounting was taking too much time
  • The company needed a vertical solution to meet the needs of their logistics business
  • Decreased operational efficiency due to system constraints
  • Lack of trusty integration between the key business process systems
  • Generating consolidated financial statements was too complicated 
  • Invoicing wasn’t natively integrated the current ERP system


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business management system for small and mid-sized businesses that easily adapts to your business specifics and enables a single system to manage and automate all of the critical business processes.

  • Alna HR Office is an HR management and payroll accounting solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The system consists of 6 modules which will ensure smooth operation of key personnel processes: time reporting, payroll calculation, personnel management, personnel self-service, annual leave management and calculation of employee incentives.

  • Andsoft is a transport and logistics management system that covers the complete transport and logistics process.
The outcome:

The outcome:

  • All business information and related documents are stored in an integrated system;
  • Routine operations are performed quickly, saving employee' time;
  • Consolidated financial statements are easy to generate;
  • Financial statements can now be analyzed by the dimensions used inside the company'
  • Minimized the possibility of errors during accounting and planning;
  • The most important business processes are simplified and extended.


Lotos Baltica
"We have transformed our key business operations with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Andsoft."

Lotos Baltica

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