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Industrial isolation and ventilation professionals




About the company

Persolita is a subsidiary of the Danish company Persolita A/S in Lithuania. The main activities of the company are industrial isolation works, as well as the installation of ventilation and conditioning systems in Lithuania and abroad.

The challenges:
The challenges:
  • The old enterprise resource planning system was outdated and no longer supported by the manufacturer
  • The business data was scattered through several systems, there was no single "source of truth"
  • A full analysis of business processes was not possible
The solution:
The solution:

Alna Cloud – Microsoft Dynamics NAV subscription service.

The outcome
The outcome
  • All of the business information and related documents are stored in a unified system
  • Less manual work
  • Simplified and enhanced key business processes
  • Minimized probability of errors in accounting
  • All accounting processes comply with the legal requirements of the Republic of Lithuania 


Alna Cloud has greatly improved our daily accounting and finance operations, while Alna HR Office’s payroll and personnel management module has enabled accurate and fast employee payroll calculation and personnel management.

Jolanta Strakšytė

Chief Financial Officer at Persolita

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