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Berner Baltic

One of the largest cosmetic and beauty product distributors in Lithuania




About the company

Berner Baltic“ – one of the largest cosmetic and beauty product distributors in Lithuania.

The challenges:
The challenges:
  • Outdated and differing business management systems in Lithuanian and Latvian branches
  • Business management process was not fully integrated in the system
  • Lack of efficiency in the system
  • Lack of required interfaces, interfering with data movement
  • Complicated data gathering and management between Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian branches
The solution:
The solution:

SAP ERP is a leading enterprise resource planning system, dedicated to managing key business processes of major regional and multinational companies including: accounting, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, sales cycle, inventory, human resources, customer service, and more.

The outcome:
The outcome:
  • A unified system controls the financial accounting, tax accounting (VAT returns, ISAF, SAF-T), fixed asset accounting, automated bank payments and logistics.
  • The system fully complies with the requirements set by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian legislation.
  • The integrated business management process allows to sell goods from warehouses of other branches by automatically registering the required documents in the accounts of both branches.
  • External warehouse management software, point-of-sale and online store systems are implemented.
  • Controland profitability analysis (COPA) is implemented.
  • The system is accessible through mobile devices via SAP Fiori.
  • SEPA functionality implemented.


Berner Baltic
We would like to thank the Alna Business team for their professional work, high-quality results, timely delivery and cooperation.

Darius Undzėnas

Chief Financial Officer at Berner Baltic

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