Alna Document Import

Automate XML and CSV document import in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Alna Document Import will help you fully automate your XML and CSV document import procedures in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 
This app enables smooth import of purchase and sales invoices as well as customer and vendor cards.
Alna Document Import
Alna Document import features:
Alna Document import features:

Automate your document import process

Set up and automate your document import process in just a few clicks.

Essential file format support 

Alna Document Import supports both CSV and XML file formats.

Add new data at any time

Assign, transform, or change the document data while you import.

Create customer and vendor cards 

Easily add missing customer or vendor cards during the import process.

Apply your rules for document import

With the help of our setup wizard you will be able to apply your own rules for the document.

Alna Document Import
This app supports document import from both CSV and XML files.

Frequently asked questions

What document types can I import?

Sales and purchase invoices, sales and purchase orders and credit memos.

What countries does Alna Document Import support?

Alna Document Import supports all of the countries where Microsoft Business Central 365 is available.

Can Alna Document Import be used for more than one company, registered in my system?

It can be used in all of the companies within the same database.

How many different files can I import? What file formats can be used?

The number of files is not limited. Alna Document Import supports XML, CSV and TXT file formats.

Can I import data to custom fields?

Alna Document Import supports data import to all fields in existing tables: Sales Header, Sales lines, Purchase Header, Purchase lines. If customers or vendors cards are created, data can be imported to all fields existing in tables: Customer and Vendor.

Can I create customer and vendor cards during the document import?

Yes. Customer and vendor templates are used to fill in the basic fields. Templates can be set up in the definition page. 

Can Job queues be used for automatic document import?


Where can I find the user manual?

The user manual can be found HERE

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