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Alna Group provides professional solutions that cover all IT-related functions, including the formation of IT infrastructure, the selection of optimal software, the provision of professional business-management solutions and the maintenance of IT infrastructure. Today, more than 500 organisations rely on our solutions, and not only in Lithuania.



At Alna, we believe that success is about doing what makes ourselves and others happy. We see the difference between a problem and a challenge, duty and obligation, a task and a vocation. We spread happiness and enjoy its results.

And what is behind Alna’s success? Our employees: they innovate, amaze clients and create a unique working environment. We care about how they feel, so we carry out research on employee happiness, analyse the results and make an effort that Alniečiai would be even happier.

Something that contributes to happiness among employees is recognition of their daily efforts and initiatives, or just simple support for each other and positivity, which can be achieved with the help of Alnukai. This is a unique peer-to-peer recognition system developed by our specialists that is already valued by our clients.


We believe that happiness increases when it is shared, so we do not miss the chance to do this. Alna and its employees support the public organisation “Save the Children”, . Alniečiai have a tradition of meeting children from the day-care centre over the Christmas period and having fun, as well as creating and sharing positive emotions.

We feel a responsibility and willingness to be part of social activities, create together and grow. When we started our activities, we initiated the establishment of the Knowledge Economy Forum, the Window to the Future Alliance and Sunrise Valley, and participated in their activities.

Every autumn, we organise a day of good deeds to dedicate our effort and time to helping those who need it most. This includes replanting forests, taking care of .



It does not matter whether we are talking about our Alna team of enthusiastic runners or the constant improvement of employees’ knowledge: we never stop… unless we want to enjoy the moment. In our free time, we play sport together, including completing marathons, kayaking and playing volleyball and basketball.We are also trying to get known with Chinese health exercises. Active leisure time helps us to gain strength for new projects and challenges, and make improvements.

Alna employees are constantly improving their qualifications and skills, and participate in the events and training of partners such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. We are also members of Infobalt and the Association of Personnel Management Professionals. Every year, we evaluate the work of our colleagues and managers using a 360-degree evaluation model. We also organise annual and semi-annual evaluation and planning interviews, during which we set goals, assess work results, and discuss career planning and opportunities to improve skills.


We want Alniečiai to feel passion every day: passion for innovation, work, improvement and challenges. Passion in everything we do is reflected in our long-term employees that have worked at Alna for more than 10 years – who number 66! Alna becomes not only a place to work, create and grow, but a little more than that.  

Alna to you

As an important information technology partner in Lithuanian and the European business market,  evolving IT products and IT services we contribute to storage of natural resources: we develop and use document management system, replace the paper contract with electronical ones.  We choose eco-friendly office tools, sort waste and thus reduce the negative impact on the environmenteveryday.

Alna Goes GREEN

Alna Group promotes and carries out environmental policy:

Rational use of natural resources

Environmentally friendly technologies

Reducing pollution


Alna Group's company Alna Intelligence is involved in the environmental management program, it was awarded with the ISO 14001 certificate.



We believe that our innovative and reliable IT products can make businesses and countries become more competitive and effective, as well as improve public welfare.


grassGrowth is a constant focus of the company, in terms of increasing its market share and financial indicators, as well as deepening its knowledge of employees, developing their skills and aiding their overall improvement and inner maturity. By declaring growth as a value, we undertake to never stand still in one spot, but to constantly improve and search for new opportunities that open up future business prospects for both ourselves and our customers.

Passion is enthusiasm for work, and an approach based on self-motivation and personal interest in striving for the best possible results. By declaring passion as a value, we believe that work performed with enthusiasm and agility yields much better results and much greater satisfaction with the results achieved – not only for us, but for our customers as well.

lightInnovation is the constant search for new things and developments, including new products and services, new opportunities for cooperation, and an ongoing commitment to looking forward and moving ahead of time. By declaring innovation as a value, we constantly open up new horizons and create opportunities rather than being limited by them.

    luckCommitment is a strong promise both to ourselves and our customers that we will carry out high-quality work, assume responsibility for results, and treat our work, customers, co-workers and the public with great respect. By declaring commitment as a value, we understand our responsibility for our work and our personal contribution to overall results.

Since the very start of alna’s business activities, the company has made every effort to ensure that it provides the most innovative information-technology services and solutions for clients to help reinforce their competitive strengths. The factor that lies behind alna’s long-lasting success is an established and exclusive team of professionals that strives for the success of our clients’ businesses.

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2015 year

Alna Group sold 100% of its shares in Unitree in Latvia. The company was bought out by the management of the company.

Alna Business Solutions finished the implementation of a planning and budgeting solution for the Estonian Ministry of Finance.

2014 year

Alna opened an office in Denmark.

Alna Europe was closed.

2013 year

New purchase of Alna Group: a secondary company Associates (known as Prime People), controlled by business-process-outsourcing company “BPO House”, acquired a franchise of the international recruitment company “Grafton Recruitment.

Alna Europe was established and will found representations in Asian countries.

2012 year

Alna Business Solutions became a partner of SAP, a world leader in business software, in the Baltic countries.

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2010 year

BPO House completed the integration of recruitment company Prime People into the organisational structure.

An Alna subsidiary was established in Azerbaijan.

2009 year

BPO House, a company that provides business-process-outsourcing services, was established.

2008 year

Alna Business Solutionsacquired Polish company Ensofcon.

2007 year

The Alna Group completed a transaction for the sale of the Daily Service an Icelandic investor became the new owner of the office-supply network.

  • year 2006
  • year 2005
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  • year 2003
2006 year

Alna Business Solutions established its subsidiary in Poland. Estonian IT service provider PerSimplex OU was acquired by Alna Business Solutions, its integration into the Alna Group was completed, and it became Alna Business Solutions OU.

Alna Norby was sold.

2005 year

The subsidiary Alna Training Centre was sold.

To establish itself in the market of the Baltic states, Alna acquired a controlling interest in PerSimplex, a leading supplier of ERP solutions in Estonia.

2004 year

Alna Infrastructure Solutions UAB was founded.

Parduodama įmonė „Bentley System USA“. Different Alna business areas were focused into separate legal entities.

2003 year

In partnership with Microlink, one of the largest IT companies in the Baltic states,Alna established DocLogix UAB, a developer of information-management systems.

Deskriptas UAB, one of the leading providers of IT-infrastructure solutions in Lithuania, joined the AlnaGroup.

  • year 2002
  • year 2001
  • year 1999
  • year 1998
2002 year

Tezaurus UAB was acquired.


Navision Software LT was sold.

2001 year

Alnaacquired Infovita UAB, a leading IT company in the Klaipėda region.

1999 year

A franchise agreement was signed with Office 1 Superstores International and Alna Office Systems UAB was established.

1998 year

Alna AB was registered on the Lithuanian Stock Exchange.

  • year 1996
  • year 1995
  • year 1994
  • year 1992
1996 year

Navision Software LT UAB, a developer of planning systems for enterprise resources, was established.

1995 year

Alna Training Centre opened,offering IT-training services.

1994 year

Alna Technical Centre UAB was established, providing IT-support services.

1992 year

The company started selling computers.

  • year 1989
1989 year

Alna was established.

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