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Natural dolomite stone products for civil engineering and agriculture




About the company

AB Dolomitas produces and sells all fraction high-quality washed and crushed dolomite stone, including dolomite fines, and dolomite subbase which all meet European and Russian standards. Dolomite products are used for road and ground subbase, asphalt concrete mixtures, treatment of asphalt surfaces, for railway ballast, as well as in the production of reinforced concrete structures, construction concrete, rock wool, fertilisers, and glass.

The challenges:
The challenges:
  • Business data is spread across multiple systems
  • Part of the data is stored in Excel files
  • Total production time accounting
  • Complicated planning of procurement, production and logistics
  • Work process crystallization
  • Employee accounting is done on paper records
The solution:
The solution:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (currently known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central) is a business management system for small and mid-sized businesses that easily adapts to your business specifics and enables a single system to manage and automate all of the critical business processes.

Alna HR Office is an HR management and payroll accounting solution, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The system consists of 5 modules which will ensure smooth operation of key personnel processes: time reporting, payroll calculation, personnel management, annual leave management and calculation of employee incentives.

The outcome:
The outcome:
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Moved to quantitative production accounting
  • Simplified accounting process
  • Less errors in financial statements
  • No data duplication between the systems
  • All business information and related documents are stored in a single system
  • Reduced risk of data loss
  • Simplified and expanded key business processes
  • Personnel and payroll information is stored in a single system
  • Less manual labor


Microsoft Dynamics NAV has helped us streamline our company's core business processes, reduce the likelihood of errors, and ensure accuracy in financial management and accounting. At the same time with the help of Alna HR Office we always feel confident in our payroll calculation accuracy and work time management accounting.

Gediminas Skvernys

General Manager

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